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R8F1 Unbleached

R8F1 Unbleached

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    The first MAN-TLE footwear. Made in collaboration with Naito - the traditional sandal maker from Gion, Kyoto. After operating as a shoe maker for the local geisha for 140 years, the 5th generation owner has developed this new shape for the current customer's everyday life. This product is called Jojo.
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    These sandals consist of 5 key elements, all made by craftspeople in Japan. The outsoles are made from a high-compound tire rubber, lined with a foam used in basketball shoes. The insoles are made from 100% natural cork grown in Kanazawa. The toe-piece is made from a blended silicon used for baby dummys. Holding the strap to the sole is a piece of parachute grade velcro. This special MAN-TLE version features straps made from our paraffin wax coated 100% cotton chambray - the same used for MAN-TLE shirts - lined with a Japanese bonded swimsuit fabric.
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    S - actual length of shoe 24cm / suits EU 35-38

    M - actual length of shoe 25.5cm / suits EU 38-41

    L- actual length of shoe 27cm / suits EU 41-44

    XL - actual length of shoe 29cm / suits EU 44-47


    Jojo sandals are designed to fit slightly short on your feet, using the snug fitting straps and toe-piece to grip the shoe. 5mm to 20mm of heel overhang is ideal. Based on centuries of Japanese R&D, this outdoor / work-mode fit will ensure the sandal doesn’t flap around, flick dirt on your back, or slow you down.