1616 ANISE BOWL 150 1616 ANISE BOWL 150 1616 ANISE BOWL 150
1616 ANISE BOWL 150
Arita, located on the west coast of Kyushu is where Japan was first introduced by the Korean people to pottery. Making use of the fine clay in the region, Aritayaki was established and still today remains an iconic and distinct type of ceramic. 1616 Arita was named after the date which Korean masters first arrived in the town. 1616 Arita still manufacture in the same factories as the original Arita pottery.
Part of the new TY series; Anise, constructed for everyday use. This “TY” series by Teruhiro Yanagihara follows the tradition of Arita pottery finished in a modern, borderless design. A special agent is added to give its grey colour and matte finish. In combination with the dense clay used to make it, no glazing or extra finishing is needed. Microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.

150mm dia / 40mm h

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1616 ANISE BOWL 150