Kungyokudo Otowa No Taki Kungyokudo Otowa No Taki
Kungyokudo Otowa No Taki
The oldest incense company in Japan, Kungyokudo was founded in 1594 to supply the historic Nishi Hongan-ji temple. Over four centuries later, its headquarters still stand in the same building in front of this temple in Kyoto. All-natural and hand-crafted, their incense are the result of a long tradition of cultivating their skills to create the perfect product.
The spring water of Mt. Otowa flows down to the waterfall of Mt. Shimizu. This scent is inspired by the cool and clean flow of a waterfall uninterrupted for over a thousand years. Contains 58 incense sticks. Average burn time approximately 15 minutes.
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Kungyokudo Otowa No Taki