Postalco Notebook A5 Apple Green Postalco Notebook A5 Apple Green
Postalco Notebook A5 Apple Green
Founded in New York in 2000 and now based in Tokyo, Postalco is a husband and wife owned brand for stationary and personal belongings, made for the love of everyday objects and our relationship to them. With a collaborative mindset, Postalco products have been developed closely with the craftspeople who manufacture them. Postalco products all inherit an effortless warmth and understatement.
1x1mm blue pin-graph paper, original to Postalco, which is then bound in a starch-pressed cotton cover. The cotton is treated to make it water repellent, ready for brief, light spills. It will gradually fade with age, the texture of the weave becoming more noticeable. The spiral binding allows the pad to lie completely flat for ease of writing. Postalco have produced these since 2004.
Cotton board and unbleached paper
Steel spiral binding

OS - A5

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Postalco Notebook A5 Apple Green