Toyo-Sasaki Tumbler Potte Toyo-Sasaki Tumbler Potte Toyo-Sasaki Tumbler Potte
Toyo-Sasaki Tumbler Potte
After two of Japan's largest and oldest glassware companies Toyo Glass [founded in 1878] and Sasaki Glass [founded in 1902] merged, Toyo-Sasaki was founded. Combining knowledge, tradition and techniques, they have become Japan's biggest glassware manufacturer.
Awarded the Good Design Award, this small stackable size can be used for sharing a harder liquor where smaller portions are normally served. Also works for petite desserts. HS stands for hard strong, a division of Toyo-Sasaki Glass which made its debut in 1967, as Japan's first commercialised toughened glass. The durability and stackability of this series helped propel TSG to become the most used glassware producer in the hospitality industry in Japan. Sold in a box of three.

185ml / 75mm h / 65mm dia

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Toyo-Sasaki Tumbler Potte