W-R9P6 Purple Coral W-R9P6 Purple Coral W-R9P6 Purple Coral W-R9P6 Purple Coral W-R9P6 Purple Coral
W-R9P6 Purple Coral
W-P6 is an adjustable wrap skirt. This garment is minimal in detail yet highly functional, with one pocket set into the left side-seam. The R9 iteration features wider front panels which provide improved coverage during movement. This version is made using our signature MAN-TLE cloth - a dense cotton chambray woven on wooden shuttle looms then coated in paraffin wax. The fabric is stiff and windproof and has its own shape retaining memory.
High-density 100% cotton chambray with paraffin wax coating. Woven for MAN-TLE in Shizuoka, Japan. This cloth will develop character over time. With washing and wear it will fade, soften and irregularities in the cloth may form. This is a characteristic common to using natural fibres finished without colour-fasting chemicals and due to the changing nature of the wax coating.
Army buttons / Car seatbelt tape.

1 - waist range 64cm to 69cm / length 82cm

2 - waist range 72cm to 75cm / length 84cm

3 - waist range 77cm to 83cm / length 86cm

Please carefully check the measurements.

Alba is 175cm / 57kg and wears size 1.

If you have any questions about sizing, please contact us before purchasing.

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W-R9P6 Purple Coral