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SPLW 2-Pack MT Yellow

SPLW 2-Pack MT Yellow

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  • SPLW 2-Pack MT Yellow
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  • Founded in Los Angeles in 2015, Lady White Co. specialise in American sportswear using American-grown and milled fabrics. From their 2-pack t-shirts, they have continued to develop original knits and ribs allowing them to further grow their offering. Lady White Co. produce garments for high-rotation, that last for many years to come.
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    This is a special project made with our friends at Lady White Co. Their iconic tubular 2-Pack t-shirts, dyed MAN-TLE R1 yellow. The t-shirts are made using a circular-knit jersey and they have been pre-shrunk. The collar is bound with ribbing and cover-stitched flat. This product is packaged in a co-branded fabric pouch.
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    100% sanforized cotton 6oz jersey. Grown in North Carolina, knitted in Los Angeles. Dry, crisp handle that breaks-in after washing.
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    S - chest 100cm / shoulder width 42cm / center back 66cm / sleeve 19.5cm

    M - chest 102cm / shoulder width 45cm / center back 68cm / sleeve 20.5cm

    L - chest 110cm / shoulder width 48cm / center back 71cm / sleeve 21.5cm

    XL - chest 118cm / shoulder width 50cm / center back 73cm / sleeve 23.5cm