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Snow Peak Multi Compact Cookset Titanium

Snow Peak Multi Compact Cookset Titanium

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  • Snow Peak Multi Compact Cookset Titanium
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  • Originally beginning in 1958, founder Yukio Yamai, an accomplished climber, set out to create his own climbing gear. Later taken over by his son in 1980, the company shifted into making camping gear for the future. Based in Sanjo City, known for its fine crafted metal work, Snow Peak continues to create truly innovative products bringing us closer to nature.
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    A compact cookset crafted from titanium, comprising of two stacking pots and two pans with foldable handles. Cleverly designed so that the fry pans double as lids.
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    Pot 1: 7.3cm h / 14.9cm dia

    Pot 2: 6.9cm h / 12.7cm dia

    Pan 1: 3.1cm h / 15.2cm dia

    Pan 2: 3.1cm h / 13.3cm dia