Kaikado Tin Long 400g Kaikado Tin Long 400g Kaikado Tin Long 400g
Kaikado Tin Long 400g
Kaikado have been meticulously hand crafting their Chazutsu tea caddies in their Kyoto studio since 1875. During World War II when Japanese people were forced to surrender all forms of metal, Kaikado buried their tools to protect them and were later imprisoned for continuing to make Chazutsu in secret. Today they remain committed to using the same hand making technique that they have used for over a century, surviving an era of mass production.
A cylindrical shaped airtight container used to store tea and other dry food products. The process of making a Chazutsu includes 130 steps; the lid is delicately lined up with the body so that when placed on it sinks slowly, sealing the caddy by expelling the remaining air. Made with a double structure using two layers of tin. The tin is made using a traditional manufacturing method called ‘dobozuke’, which gives it its matte finish. It is designed to gradually change colour over the duration of its life.

92mm dia x 197mm h

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Kaikado Tin Long 400g